1. Author: The person who wrote the book.
  2. Genre: A category of literature characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter.
  3. Plot: The main events or storyline of a book.
  4. Character: A person or creature depicted in a book.
  5. Setting: The time and place in which the events of a book take place.
  6. Protagonist: The main character or hero of a book.
  7. Antagonist: The character or force that opposes or goes against the protagonist.
  8. Point of view: The perspective from which the story is told.
  9. Tone: The attitude or mood conveyed by the author in the book.
  10. Style: The way in which the author uses language, including word choice, sentence structure, and literary techniques.
  11. Theme: The underlying message or central idea that a book explores.