Welcome back! Todays post will carry on about coping strategies!

Art is one of the ways I find super helpful to decompress. Art can be stressful if you are not artistic, which I am not by any means, but as long as you enjoy it, go for it!

There are many different mediums that I like to focus on. In todays post, I am going to focus on clay and ceramic as a medium. This was the first type of art I got in to, simply because I like to do things with my hands, which is not surprising for someone with Trich.

I began working with clay in my early years of high school. I started by just taking an art class to fulfill the requirements, but found that I LOVED it. With all of the stress and anxiety of school work, it was the perfect break in the middle of my day. To me, the texture of clay is therapeutic, as well as keeping my hands and fingers occupied.

Clay can be tough and expensive to access, so if you have an opportunity to, I highly suggest it. It is a good creative outlet to keep you occupied and provides a beautiful finish!!

More art coping strategies to come…