Welcome back!! Today’s post is about another coping strategy. Exercise!! Although the last positive coping strategy was technically a form of exercise, today I will be focusing more on the active, high pace exercise activities that improve your mental health.

Exercise is a natural energy booster. It gets your endorphins — the thing in your brain that makes you happy — going and releases them, giving you that happy feeling.

For me, team sports are the best way to blow off steam and forget about my problems for a bit. Team sports give you the social aspect, which is import to keep when you’re feeling down, as well as the competitive aspect.

Being able to compete is something that is extremely important for me in the process of coping. It is a different way to channel all of my aggravation in a healthy way.

Not only is it a good way to channel your anger, but also a good way to get physical in some sports. When I’m upset or more irritated than usual, I seem to play better in my favorite sports because I can be more physical, intense, and competitive.Basketball is my go to outlet. It has always been my favorite sport to play. It is a great sport for me to work on my skills alone when I don’t want to be around people, or for me to go head to head with someone in when I feel like it. Basketball is a very competitive sport, and can get physical at times. When the game has a good level of competitive energy and the right level of physicality, without injury, it is the ultimate stress reliever!