Welcome back! As promised, this post is about risk factors involved with mental health as well as causes.

Often people blame themselves for their mental disorders, when in fact it is not their fault at all. Mental disorders are often genetic, as it is in the neural makeup of your brain. A bunch of scientific mumbo jumbo, I know. What it is saying is that you were born like that.

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This is why many people, and doctors, use medication to try to help fix that problem. Medication can right what was wrong. Although a good option and it works for some, it is not the end all be all. There are many other thinks that go along with it.

Another big cause of mental disorders is psychological trauma at an early age, or even later on in life. This issue can happen based on our environment as well. We are a product of our environment. Everything we experience has an effect on us and our mental state. It is most important when you’re a child because that is when the most change and development is happening in the brain.