As promised, this post is about another coping strategy. I am still focusing on art, but now we are moving from clay to painting. 

I am not someone who is good at art, and I most certainly cannot draw. No matter how bad it comes out, I still love all of the paintings and other art pieces I make. There is no better feeling than creating a piece of art that helps to keep my mind off of my stress and hands away from my hair.

Often, I paint something that has an inspirational quote. I then hang them in my room, which I find myself looking at for inspiration and help. So the painting isn’t only therapeutic while in progress, but it is the gift that keeps on giving after it is completed.

To find things to paint, I often look up simple paintings or paintings for beginners. The painting often comes with tutorials. One of these tutorials once said that your painting will not look like the one the instructor is doing because that is not yours, and yours will be your own with your own twists and personal spins on it.

This picture has just a few of the paintings I have completed just this semester at college. It has helped to keep my stress level down and calm me.